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A Mile. ( …pentru toate câte sunt …… pentru toate ce au fost ….. )


De la o sărbătoare …către o zi obişnuită …. ore şi clipe,

Vise şi destine,

Căi şi înţelesuri …….


De la o zi obişnuită …… cătreo sărbătoare importantă ….. ore-au fost,

Şi clipele se-aşteaptă ….

Sentimente şi simţăminte,

Un vis ce aleargă către realitate.


When tomorrow will not be,

My friend you know as me,

Always assure, from day to day

Of those faith and loyalty.


The ought tears or laugh, loss or gain

Today is fair with rain thoughts,

Gladly spreading into earth,

Through a heart swarming smile……


Who magnified the good between us?

Overlooking the faults done,

Often found true a good sense ….

For the best friendship ever…..

But! God send thoughts as those.




SupraSon / 1. The short bio-data about myself. As I write from India (The Home of Letters) to Europe (Linkway, First Time, Lookout, Snoring Cat) and USA (Skipping Stones) I found the small words of the paper’s sheets the way to life, living thoughts, desires for happiness. Delight and work in the field of art, culture gives the way, the clue to magazines and freelance contribution. Love for poetry and new insides the right for light, life in rightness. I was born in Onesti, a beautiful place in Romania covered by the flowing of three rivers and … surrounded by hills. For years I have been studying the the ways of obtaining energy from oil and charcoal. Being graduated from Medicine College of Onesti gives a different view in how the life and health should be maintained. The beautiful place where I was born adding year by year, art in different shapes and forms, it makes the progress in the field of animal protection and the desires to work with organizations that help animal in need. From those thoughts through time came my love to poetry, nature and peoples that want to make something in life, to be themselves entirely. In 1999 I started to know better the insides into writing matters with Writers Bureau, England. A way of letting the words to flow in different part of writing: picture, poetry, painting…. It is the right way to love myself, the life, the family, the nature around, the work invested to maintain all I have to gain in the spirit of faith, truth and above the love. What is important, what are the priorities …shows the character, the personality….ways to love the life with the living thoughts around. Than, the important steps into the reporter, photographer insides in USA, NYIP, New York Institute of Photography makes me to add better details into / about what I have been learning / experienced till that time. Nine years I lived in Israel, the Holy Land for Christians; this love it can be spread in significant tools for happiness as fate allows. Gives me, this time the way to add significant insides, details about life and work in the field of spreading the words of faith, truth, love….all for the clue of /for life. All the best further! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely, Matei Monica.

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