Building a Life


How we think! What we add ahead? It is the main path in the world around / in own life and thoughts……  Or, we just need to act quickly for own life, to protect it, to add new insides about it.

In a way or another to add reinforcement requires the Love from God / from Heaven, guided tools, peoples that know the facts and a lot of positive aspects to follow it. A world around, a world filled with desires and destiny.

Just to take a look. Just to take a brief look of what the has done through the years. An important revival, a closer approach of love / work / care for human life and living in this planet… It is going forward in saying / adding ….. briefly: ” BRACE YOURSELF FOR PROPHET T.B. JOSHUA! “

It makes a world of wonderful thoughts! ….perspectives, perseverance in different aspects of life, different levels in cultural life …. All those having an important change in their life are going to / are considering the SCOAN ( Synagogue, Church of all Nations ) a place that gave to them a proper life, the desired health, renewal of family life, …. a place where the life / the faith / the pray …. are considered the main things for LIFE.

It is the Love that are passing History, through the steps of Time.

Sperand ca ti-a placut textul citit, Scrieliber te invita sa revii si data viitoare pentru noi texte ce nu pot fi gasite altundeva pe Internet din domenii precum: proza, istorie, poezie, subiecte contemporane si asa mai departe.