Lac Cocur (cale de timp… şi cale de ani…) (!!!!)


16, ţărîm, Marea MediteranăTimpii se-adună / timpii se-mpart …anii se-apropie, anii se duc…

Odat’ ce-n zicerile de clipe literele adună cuvinte

Şi cuvintele expresii celebre…


Căile toate se-nvărt în clepsidre de timp

Pentru acest Pământ făurit cu migală

Şi pentr-un Univers întreg vom ce va urma

Pe drumul Golgotei

Pe drumul învăţămintelor lăsate într-un timp unic:

Acum 2.000 de ani.


See the earth as it is…, among shadows

Near 8 km to Ben-Bulben, Ireland

Entering… still living…

A big lake filled with green, avian birds

None returned to describe their visit,

Entities as having extremely points of knowledge,

always to catch you,

with breath of sealing the slab door for all time,

when the Moon see with all her face.


Hear the round of sounds, entering the passage

Large steps…

strange of recent arrivals locked…

Clean of dust…

into the air, spelling its notes,

while the stone pillars seems to hold

the beneath in depth,

a cold wind took flight, going in shadows

never to find an end.


Knowing the safety of life

balance of the thoughts,

having something to reflect…

I added moments, walks in deep, deep sky

as I count and ever to count…

the implications…