Maldek…( dintotdeauna şi pretutindeni ….. azi şi mereu !!! )



Pretutindeni ….. eternul devenit creaţie

Cu zisul / cu spusul …..eterne vise / eterne catrene….

Creaţii altruiste… ( paralele ancestrale ….

Nu aduni şi culegi / nu culegi şi aduni ….!!! )


Pretutindeni ….. catrene de culoare

Cu ştiinţa / cu tehnologia ….inimii, visului şi-a minţii

Pe-ndeletele atras de realitate / de cosmic


Eternul existent….


An echo, coming from its shine

Can not fly alone for long,

steps are receiving as a limit,

the high being makes me tears,

into my walking in bright, shadowed by face of black,

licensed people rewoked a good…..


Knowing what will come, even through the moment,

being closer and closer to its shape,

lucky enough, confident enough,

under the word of saying,

I have to be, I love to share!

I am with you my dear high being,

To survive in life,

Giving all weight you need,

As Maldek is your civilization.


Finding the grace point, into blackness

the boiling kettle of life, even in day time,

will search for positive signs,

coming out the waiting, for company, for protection.


The moment is an indication…,

Should carry over and ever

of a fighter and its sword, assumed into world of normality,

letting me to hear the echo,

having to love it and I am 9 feet tall.


I will harvest, in the bottom of the page,

Familiar outline…

a shape of today, tomorrow — enveloped views,

beating heart,….

in mine, sign and count.

I love you high being!