Maldek. ( Ecou / ecouri ….ecourile …..atât de multe introspecţii …. )



Vise şi destine….

Imagini şi realităţi …..

Te iei la-ntrecere cu piedica / piatra ori bolovanul….

Ca o lecţie de viaţă,

Ca pentru concursul propriei vieţii……


Vise şi realităţi …..

Imagini şi amintiri …..

Aduni …ceea ce calea-vieţii îţi întâmpină…..

Spre noi înţelegeri …. la un timp cu lauri

Şi rememorări de neuitat…


Who is the echo of the high beings?

Written in the name of steps, always among you,

done in its knowledge’s, confident enough, lucky enough,

as a guiding mark for the scale,

always to hold you round with me,

indicating movement of responsibility.


From the labyrinth of words, he builds to himself,

growing, unfeeling glazed frost, caring its protection

Making on its ice, a dance of agreement, familiar style

better than stars, twisted by unnatural impulse.

Love to You!


Temptation can be pulled out, on sorrows

Full of inviting hands,

taking the price, more that its value,

always below for you,

for the best achievements of your thinking,

where life shapes,

into the exit of growing words.

Love to Existence!