MalteseCave….. ( soare şi cer….. şi-un început aparte …. )



Aduni grăunţele de porumb …şi cele de muştar

Să fie felul, viaţa şi creşterea un înţeles aparte,

Biblic, în conţinut….. cu felurite densităţi de cuvânt…..


Aduni cuvântul zilnic…şi le consideri

Pietre preţioase pe Crucea ta

….într-o Golgotă de ieri şi de azi…..


Gozo, Comino, Malta the echo of the ….


Written in the name of steps,

May have existed in Atlantis and Mu,

Bridge between Europe and Africa…..

as a guiding mark for the scale of time,

always to hold …

always to share…

indicating movement of responsibility.


From the labyrinth of words,

Phoenicians ocupied Malta ..

And introduced the worship of Moloch..

Another name for Ball, God of Fire.

Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti, the entrance…

growing, caring its protection,

windows that looks down, remain a mystery…

Making on its ice, a dance of agreement,

better than stars,

twisted by unnatural impulse,

legends say that is a connection with Catacombs of Rome….


Temptation …..

Full of inviting hands,

taking the price, more that its value,

always below for you,

for the best achievements of your thinking,

today, the entrance of Malta caves has been sealed off..

and no one is allowed to enter,

nor is anything allowed out! By whom?