Mount Rainer.… ( cuvânt / cuvinte / cuvintele …. ( !!! ) …. eternul cuvânt…. )



Peste toate vezi cuvântul ….. creaţiei ….

Adaugi în vise culoare….. în realităţi splendoare ….

Şi petreci cuvântul spre cuvinte …… !!!


Peste toate vezi destinul ….. iubirea a fi …. pe-ndeletele firii omeneşti


Pe mai departe,

Adnotezi cuvinte / cuvintele … despre cer şi pământ

Cale şi destin……


Întru-toate, întru-tot întrevezi un loc al tău,


În comparaţie cu întregul Univers….


An echo, coming from its high,

14.000 feet, covered in ace, south of Seattle

Can not fly alone for long,

steps are receiving as a limit,

into my walking in bright,

shadowed by face of light,

licensed people rewoked a good / a light…..


Knowing what will come, even through the moment,

being closer and closer to its shape,

instead of crater is a hole 1.000 feet,

corridors and caves…..

I have to be, I love to share!

I am with you my dear high being,

To survive in life,

Giving all weight you need,

As Mount Rainer,

is different from official thought.


Finding the grace point, into blackness

coming out the waiting, for company, for protection,

is to be, is to ever love.


The moment is a power…,

letting me to hear the echo,

having to love it and I am 9 feet tall.


Familiar outline…

beating heart,….

I love you high being!